Social Security Card Replacement 2018 best way

What is social security card and replacement process all about?

The actual concept of social security number is still unclear for several American citizens. The very imperative identity proof helps every Civic to execute financial transactions with ease. SSN card is directly associated with your identity. Not a single US citizen is devoid of SSN card. But, what if you need to replace the card? Is there any way out for it? Let’s know how –

Obtaining a new social security number requires you to provide correct age proof, identity status, and US citizenship / immigration status www.Socialsecurity.Gov. / SSN number /You may be required to obtain a new card in case it gets lost / stolen.

What can serve as the identity proof?
  • Driver license
  • US passport

If you don’t have the above mentioned documents, social security card replacement can be a headache for you.

Following documents and highly important to be submitted –

  • School ID card
  • Military ID card United States
  • Employee ID card
  • Health Insurance proof

What would act as age certificate?

  • A birth certificate
  • US passport
  • Hospital records in US regarding your birthdate
  • Any religious record which reflects your age in the certificate
  • In case you have been living outside United States, records that prove you have been an outside citizen of United States.

In order to prove your US citizenship and requirement of a new social security card number, you need to have a birth certificate. Exceptionally, if you are not a United States citizen, US immigration documents are acceptable.

  • Arrival and departure record
  • Admission stamp with unexpired foreign passport
  • Employee authorization document / work permit

Can we change the name in SSN?

In case you have undergone a divorce, marriage or any legal procedure that resulted in name change, latest identity document with the new name has to be submitted while applying for the social security card replacement. Replaced social security card would comprise of the same number but with a different name all together.

Note-The submitted copies to the US government should be certified and absolutely legal. notarized copies /photo copies are not acceptable. you have to apply with the original documents online or look out for the nearest social security office to get connected.

Do you have to pay something for social security card replacement?

No, it is absolutely free to get your social security card replaced under certain circumstances. The US government allows a total of 3 social security card replacements within one year. Also, it permits a max of 10 social security card replacements for free during your lifetime.

Social security card number is an important role play in school, bank and workplaces. The card helps in tracking the overall income and protection of every US citizen. The social security card acts as a Universal identification proof for every person who is a US resident. The cards are obtainable only if you fulfill the basic parameters. therefore, there are quite a lot of people who are working in United States but are not the actual citizens and do not own SSN cards.

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