Social Security Number Information Ultimate Guide 2018

Discover everything you need and more when you check social security number records. Do you have questions about a prospective employee or even a romantic interest you met online? When you check social security number records online, you can find out everything you need to know about someone. If they have committed a crime, been issued driving citations or even been married or divorced, you can find out everything simply by searching their last name and social security number.

Who Should Check Social Security Number Information?

One of the most common reasons why people do a social security number check is to look up information on a prospective employee. Whether your business works with sensitive information that you do not want stolen or in the wrong hands or you work in a setting where families often come in and you need to keep kids safe from potential sex offenders, a background search is a great way to find out what you need to know about hiring candidates. Nobody wants to hire someone with a violent past or a theft conviction, and a background search is really the only way to know for sure.

Another reason people often check social security number records is when they are looking for a roommate or a prospective rental tenant. You have to be very careful who you allow to live in your home or on your properties, and a background search can help you ensure that you are not putting dangerous people into homes near innocent families. These searches also turn up civil records, allowing you to see if the person has ever been sued by a landlord for failure to pay or for causing property damage.

Of course, there is one group that is growing surprisingly quickly in terms of how often they check social security number. That group is actually dating individuals. With online dating becoming increasingly popular, it is becoming easier for people to lie about who they are and to conceal their pasts. Conducting a background check can let you know if the person has ever been convicted of a crime, harmed a woman or child, or even been convicted of identity theft. As my sister learned when she decided to check social security number information on her new boyfriend, you can also find out if the person you are dating is already married in another state!

Is It Really So Important to Check Social Security Number?

The simple fact is that yes, it is actually critical that you take the time to check social security number information before you hire someone, allow them to take up residence on your property, or move them into your home. People are not always who they claim to be, and in a country with almost seventeen million convicted felons, you absolutely have to take precautions to keep your workers, your family, your tenants, and your personal information safe.

Did you know that one in every seven households falls victim to identity thieves? How about that almost two in three of these families will end up having the thieves try to use their credit cards? More often than not, these thieves end up being successful in their acts. If your identity gets stolen, it can take years to undo the damage to your finances and your credit report and even longer to undo the emotional damage that comes along with having someone steal something that is so personal to you. Isn’t it better to exercise precaution in advance and simply make sure that the people who have access to your home are people that you can trust by making the decision to check social security number?

We make hiring decisions all the time without thinking about it. What about the plumbers or roofers you allow into your home when something goes wrong? Taking the time to do a background search on someone who will be allowed inside your home and around your family and your personal property is critical. Skilled identity thieves can steal your information without you being any the wiser- no matter how much you trust your instincts. It is often said that it is better to be safe than to be sorry, and when you check social security number, being safe is actually quite easy!

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